6 Essential Rugs That Every Home Needs

A home without a rug is like wearing shoes without socks; it’s still functional but it feels uncomfortable and your feet will enjoy the extra cushioning they get out of them. On the other hand, based on the different areas in the house, you need to get different rugs for each area; you can’t just rely on one rug to rule them all. The following are a few essential rugs that every house needs to become a home.

⦁ Hallway Runner
If you have a long hallway in your house, you need to place a rug in it. Not only does it look more inviting, it also prevents a lot of slipping accidents. When getting a hallway runner, you need to opt for a size that allows you to leave at least ½ inch or 1 inch of space from the corners. This helps create a feeling of space and prevents the rugs from making the hallway appear smaller.
⦁ Door Entrance
Door mats outside the door are common but you need to have a rug, directly inside the entrance of the doorway too. For this reason, you can opt to get a door mat sized rug. These can be available in a large number of colors, patterns and designs which makes them extremely attractive. They also make a room appear more inviting so getting one to add to the entrance of a room will make it more appealing.
⦁ Area Rug
These are the most common rugs that you can find. They’re usually used to accentuate a room and can range in different sizes as well as different patterns, colors and more. Due to this reason, they’re not just extremely popular but also very essential as part of room décor. Even if you don’t have any other kind of rug, an area rug is a must have.
⦁ Shag Rug
While considered to be dated and often overlooked too, shag rugs are essential since they allow you to play with different textures in a room. The soft, plushy look of a shag rug is only accentuated by the color it has. Moreover, the easiness with which you can update a room’s look is a huge plus point in its favor. Keep in mind that it is a high maintenance rug so you should be ready to commit to it too.
⦁ Antique Rug
Every home needs at least one antique rug, either Persian or oriental patterned. These rugs are sure to become a favorite in your home and whether you use them as area rugs or you use them to accentuate a theme, they will be welcome additions in almost every room. An antique rug also requires a certain amount of maintenance too.
⦁ Animal Texture
Much like the shag rug, animal skin or patterned rugs are usually overlooked too. On the other hand, if used correctly, they can really help to accentuate the colors or theme in a room. For a rather earthy room, these are the perfect rugs. They help to not only ground the room, but also add a splash of neutral color as well as introduce a different texture to room.

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