How to Choose the Color for Your Next Rug

When it comes to picking the color, you have to be careful, largely because not every color will be great to use. While it might appear better in your head, that very same color, in a rug, might not live up to the expectations you had from it. Due to this, you need to pay attention to the following factors.

Understanding Color Psychology
Colors draw a strong emotional response from us which is why it is necessary to study them and pick them wisely. Based on these, you can associate certain colors with a certain mood or emotion such as:
White: creates space, light and calming.
Black: Sophisticated, elegant, mysterious, and bold.
Blue: Relaxing, calming and soothing.
Red: Intense and exciting
Orange: Energetic and playful
Yellow: Cheery
Green: Calming
Purple: Royalty, wealth and power
These are some of the basic response to color. Not everyone reacts to color in the same manner either. For some people, certain colors such as yellow might be too annoying to the eyes or shades of blue and gray might appear too depressing to them.

Color Schemes Can Help
Colors are usually divided into a variety of different color schemes. From having warm tones and cold tones to monochromatic and analogous color schemes, you can find a lot of options available to you, if you choose to follow a color scheme. For most rooms, there are generally certain color schemes in place and the rug can be used as the final piece to complete it. The best part is that rugs are available in whole colors or feature a pattern on them which makes it easier to monitor how much color you add to the room.
Pick a Theme
Sometimes, the theme of the room can also help to play a role in helping to determine the color of the rug. From having a spring or summer themed room to choosing to use antique décor, the theme you have can dictate the color of the rug as well. Warm, rich gold, brown and beiges work best for antique or vintage themes whereas spring and summer themes work best with bright blue, green, reds and pinks too.

Understand the Function of the Room
When picking the color of the rug, you can also choose the function of the room to define the color of the rug. If it is a room where you only want to entertain guests, you might opt for neutral shades or purple and blue colors. On the other hand, a play room for kids will look more vibrant, bright and inviting with pink, green, yellow or other bright shades of blue that have a happy aura to them. The purpose of the room can play a huge role in defining your color options so always be sure to pay attention to this aspect too.
Based on these factors, you can easily pick a rug in a nice color that looks amazing and fits in easily into any room.

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