How to Decorate Your Room with a Contemporary Design Rug

A contemporary design rug can be extremely flexible and fun to use as an area rug. You can also start out by using it as the base in order to decorate the room according to it. This not only makes it easier to use the contemporary design rug, it also ensures that it fits into the room completely. If you are thinking about getting a contemporary design rug, the following are a few pointers that you can follow to make it easier for you to decorate.

Bring Out the Colors
Contemporary design rugs usually have a lot of different colors in them which can easily be brought out with the help of different accessories. Make sure you use them accentuate the color scheme in the rug. If you are using a single color rug, you can easily color block with it. Either way, try to bring out the colors. This doesn’t mean just using colors that make it look good, you can use contrasting colors as well that help to make a certain color more striking too.

Spacing Matters
Regardless of the color of the contemporary design rug, the spacing of the rug has to be paid attention to. Often times, area rugs are kept in a manner as to allow up to 12 to 10 inches of space from the borders of the room. Moreover, if they are smaller, the furniture can be used to space them properly too. For this reason, you can ensure that you keep at least the front feet of all sofas on the rug. If you want to place all furniture, within the area rug, you will have to pick one that is large enough to spread out for 12 to 10 inches from their feet.

Play with Textures
Textures can make a room more interesting since it can get monotonous to the eye. While colors help to break up the monotony, different textures can also be more appealing. Due to this, you can choose to have different rugs in the same room. Shag rugs, animal patterned rugs and even contemporary rugs with various pile lengths can all add more texture in the room. For example: If you have dark brown, hardwood floors, adding a cream, shag rug or a white and brown, cowhide pattern rug can make the floor more attractive and counteract the smoothness of the wood.

Layer it Up
If you are choosing to use patterned contemporary design rugs, you can make the pattern stand out more by layering it with a single color rug too. For this reason, you will have to study the pattern to identify the base color it has. This base color will then be the color you use for your single tone rug. You can also use this same strategy as a way to contrast the base color of the patterned contemporary design rug and make it stand out.
Whether you want to use it for a drawing room or a bedroom, with these pointers you can easily find out how to use the rug effectively.

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