How to Decorate Your Room with a Modern Rug Design

When it comes to decorating a room, picking the rug plays a vital role. Many people look upon a rug as a decorative item, usually picked last. On the other hand, based on a modern rug design, this could be the main thing that helps to tie a room together. A rug is really versatile due to which you can style it in a number of different ways.

Modern rugs are among the most flexible when it comes to decorating a room with them since they have a number of colors and patterns in their designs which make it easier to decorate. If you’re wondering how to decorate your room with a modern rug design, the following are three easy ways to do so.
Wall Hanging
Modern rug designs are usually vibrant, bold and very eye catching which is why they work wonders as a wall hanging too. Available in a wide range of sizes, if you feel like you don’t have enough room on the floor for your rug, you can easily place it on the wall. As a wall hanging, your rug might actually end up attracting more attention. If you find this odd, don’t worry; plenty of people tend to hang up their rugs. In fact, it is more common for people to hang up rugs that they don’t want ruined from everyone treading on them.
Match the Colors
If you want to apply colors to a room, your modern rug design can play a role in this as well. Their vibrant colors usually entail that you can mix and match and pick a color scheme that can be applied to the whole room too. Color blocking with a modern rug design is also very easy since you can use it as a base. Based on the size of the rug, you can also use it to emphasis the color scheme you have. If it is a rather large rug, you can use it as base, whereas, if it is a small one, you can use it to accentuate a color scheme, instead of building on it.
Play with the Patterns
Modern rug designs usually have a lot of patterns in them. You can find rugs with paisley designs, cartouche, chequer, and more patterns. The variety in modern rug designs makes them extremely flexible for use and you can mix and match with patterns to style a room successfully. Most people tend to shy away from patterns since they can be a bit challenging to fit in with other patterns. In this aspect, don’t just look at the design size but look at its color too. If the rug has a big pattern, you will do better by picking patterns that are smaller. Apart from focusing on the size, when it comes to matching patterns, opposites will look better.

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