How to Decorate Your Room with the Vintage Design Rugs

When thinking of decorating a room, you might want to follow a vintage theme. For this reason, you might be looking for vintage design rugs that help to accentuate the various colors as well as theme. Picking a vintage theme and finding the right rugs that match with the theme might appear to be a bit daunting but with the help of the following pointers, you can figure out how to do so with ease.


Go Antique
Vintage themes are all about antiquated, rich items and nothing says that better than a high quality, Persian or Oriental rug. The design and pattern they have, along with their various color schemes makes them perfectly useful for vintage themes. The best part about them is that antique carpets are available in a large array of colors, patterns and materials so you can easily find the one that you are looking for with ease. While most people opt for Persian rugs, they can, at times, be extremely hefty on the pocket. For this reason, you can opt for an Oriental rug which are similarly crafted and can be just as beautiful too.

The Richer, the Better
When it comes to picking a vintage design rug, you want to pay attention to the colors they have. As a rule of thumb, the richer and vibrant the colors are, the better the rug will look. With Persian or Oriental rugs, this is not an issue but if you want to use a modern rug, this can be more challenging. Nonetheless, many people do opt for Persian and oriental rugs because of this factor. When picking a rug, opt to pick colors such as bright gold, blood red, caramel beiges, vibrant greens and deep or turquoise blues as well as royal purples and stay away from blacks and whites.


Patterns Are Your Friends Here
You might be shying away from using various patterns but with a vintage theme, you want to have patterns. Think of the older, vintage houses and you will understand why. They were usually filled with rich tapestries and wallpapers that had intricate designs on them. Patterns play a huge role in vintage themes and used as a rug, they will fit in very easily too. As a rule of thumb, play with patterns by picking a rug with a large pattern and use smaller patterns to offset it or vice versa.


Ditch the Cotton
When you’re picking a rug for a vintage design, you want to opt for rugs that are high in quality and made from materials such as silk and high quality wool. Animal patterns such as cowhide rugs will also fit in but they’re not the norm and might require strategic planning and decoration as well. Picking high quality rugs doesn’t only ensure that they fit into the vintage theme you have, it also ensures that they will last you longer too.
With the help of these pointers, you can easily pick a room that will fit into any vintage design or themed room that you might have in mind too.

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