How to Get a Rug Appraisal Done?

Rug appraisals are needed to help you get an estimate of the approximate value of your rug. If that sounds complicated, then it really is. Many rugs, especially oriental and Persian rugs are worth millions of dollars. Whether you found it in your store room, inherited it, or recently purchased it and would like to know its true value, rug appraisals can help you find all the answers and more.

Call in the Professionals
When it comes to getting a rug appraised, you will have to turn to the professionals. Unless, you have spent a good amount of time, studying rugs, you will be unable to truly gauge its value or determine the authenticity of it. These professionals are not only knowledgeable in identifying the true value of a rug; they can also gauge whether you have a fake or a copy.
Getting a rug appraised can be easy since all you have to do is dial the professionals, who will then come and take your rug away to study it properly. However, if you are worried about giving your rug to them, then you can also opt for online appraisals. Online appraisals require you to send pictures along with a minor fiber sample or two.
What do they look for?
When appraising a rug, the experts will look at different factors that will all contribute to determine the value as well as the authenticity of the rug. For this reason, a rug appraisal consists of studying the rug for the following factors:


The age of the rug can increase the value it has. Rugs that are century’s old or even decades old will cost more. However, the design and color will also play a role here. A young rug with a rare color scheme or design could, at times, cost more than an old one with a common one.


Knot Density
The total number of knots in a carpet enhances its value. The more knots a rug has, the finer the color, pattern, and design will be. A general rule ranges from 400 to 900 total knots per rug. These are extremely good quality rugs. However, there are rugs that have knot counts that can range from 1000 to 1500 and are not only more valuable but are also more beautiful too.


Materials in the Rugs
Rugs crafted from high quality materials will make a huge impact too. Silk and other high quality materials are naturally, priced higher than wool and cotton. On the other hand, while it is usually believed that a higher knot count entails that the rug is crafted from silk or good quality materials, it is not always true. Certain 1000 count rugs are also crafted from artificial silk.
At the end of the day, keep in mind that unless it is a family heirloom, your rug might not be worth millions. The most that rug appraisals can do is help you find the true value of your rug which might end up being less or more than what you originally paid for it.

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