How to Preserve Your Antique Rug?

An old antique rug can be a family heirloom, a piece of memorabilia or something extremely valuable in nature. On the other hand, already being a few years or decades old, they do need some help in weathering through the years with ease.

Often times, you might not have the space or the rug might be so old that you could be wondering how to help keep it safe. For this reason, take a look at the following tips on how you can preserve and old rug with ease.

Cleaning on Both Sides
Use a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the rug on both sides. This helps to get all the dust and dirt particles trapped inside the rug completely out of it. With this step, you can also go another way by opting to hang up a rug and beat it but it does require a lot of effort.


Giving a Good Scrub
Once you have gotten all the dust out, the stains might appear a little visible to you, or you might just prefer to give it a good wash. Either way, get it cleaned out completely, from top to bottom. You can also send your rug to the rug cleaners too.


Getting All the Moisture Out

Even if the rug has come back from the cleaners, make sure to get all the moisture out of the rug. You can either hang it out in the sun or use a wet to dry vacuum to get the water out of it. You might think this is another step that can be cancelled if you got your rug cleaned by the cleaners but you’re wrong. Based on the materials the rugs are made from, they retain a bit of moisture with ease.


Using Repellents
Insects and pests can and do make a snack out of a rug. Older rugs tend to be more susceptible to them so spray an insecticide or a repellent on the rug. Pay attention to the kind of repellent you use on it too since certain ones can be too strong and might accidentally eat away at the material. For this reason, always pick one that is specifically formulated for carpets and carpet storage.


Wrapping the Carpet
When preparing to store a carpet, be sure to roll it in a cylinder first, before you wrap it up in plastic wrap. This not only saves on space but also protects the carpet by keeping the sides out. If a pest does attack the carpet, the edges will deteriorate first. On the other hand, to prevent that from happening, use heavy duty plastic wrap to wrap the carpet completely and securely in.


Storage of the carpet doesn’t require a lot of thought but you do need to ensure that you store it away from direct sunlight and from any damp, leaky areas. Storing in direct sunlight not only ruins the material but also causes the color to fade. Similarly, storing in damp and leaky areas will leave it susceptible to mildew and other fungal deterioration.

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