How to Shop For a Good Rug?

Buying a rug might appear as simple as going to a home décor shop and walking away with one but there are certain aspects that come into play. Buying good quality rugs can take a lot of time and if you are shopping for a good one, you want to be careful. A good rug can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars so it is always best to approach it as an investment. The following are a few other things that you should consider when shopping for one.


The Size
The size of the rug plays a huge role, not only in determining the price, but also in helping you gauge where the rug will fit in your home. Always have an idea regarding the size of the rug you want. This saves you from making a purchase which would be a bad buy since these rugs will not fit into the room you have in mind. If you want to be exactly sure, measure the exact space for the rug or carpet in the chosen room and ask for one that fits it.


Their Designs
When it comes to the design, you will have a lot of options available so be sure to have this thought of too. From Persian and oriental to contemporary, modern and abstract, rugs are available in a multitude of colors, designs and themes. When shopping for a Persian rug, you will have to review this the most since only certain designs entail that the rug will appreciate in value over the years. Nonetheless, keep the room the carpet will be placed in as the guideline. If it has a modern theme, you shouldn’t opt to get a Persian rug. Similarly, if you have an antiquated theme in your home, a modern carpet will appear very odd.


The Materials
The better the quality of the materials, the higher the price will be. This is one reason why rugs made from high quality wool and silk are the most expensive ones. Moreover, there are a number of different materials to choose from so having one in mind will make it easier for you to pick a rug. Rugs can range in materials such as wool, cotton, natural fibers, silk and synthetics. Each material has its pros and cons and you should always weigh each one properly before decide to opt for one over the other.


The Weaves
At the end of the day, the weaves of the carpet are also going to play a huge role in your shopping experience. While there was a time when there were only hand woven, knotted or hand tufted rugs, the commercialization of the rug industry has entailed the introduction of machine woven carpets and rugs too. On the other hand, even if you are opting for a hand woven carpet, make sure you get one that has been woven by adults. In countries like Nepal, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, bonded laborers and child workers are all too common. Much like the trade of blood diamonds of Africa, this is a huge problem. Always insist on conflict free, ethically sourced rugs and carpets.

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