When is it a Good Time to Get Your Rug Cleaned?

Rug cleaning doesn’t appear to be very complicated but there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind. Most people tend to only think about rug cleaning when there is visible dirt on it, but that is the wrong approach. Following are some times that are perfect for you to get your rug cleaned.

After a Stain
Rugs are notorious for collecting stains. From accidental food spills to your four-legged pet having an accident on it, getting a rug cleaned by a professional is extremely important at that time. Home cleaning will only get you so far and with the help of professional cleaners, you not only get the stain out but they will also manage to get the smell out of the rug without damaging it in any manner.


After Re-decorating
When you’re redecorating, your rugs are going to get pretty dirty. Even wrapped in plastic, they can get dust and even mildew if they aren’t stored in the proper manner. Moreover, if you got the whole room re-done, getting the rug cleaned will ensure that it looks its best. A clean and bright room deserves a clean and vibrant rug, so send your rug off for a professional cleaning session while you’re getting the room renovated.


If You’re Selling
If you’re putting your house on the market, you want to make it appear as attractive as possible. With clean rugs, you can instantly make a room appear more appealing to the buyer. Even if you’re not selling your home with the furniture, styling the room in a manner that shows it off to perfection is better since it will make the buyer more willing to buy at the given price. It’s always the little things that make a bigger impact so be sure to give this a try when you are looking to sell.


When it’s Spring
Spring cleaning is always the perfect time to get the rug cleaned and if you’re too lazy to clean it any other time, this is the time for it. The best part is that since spring cleaning happens only once a year, you won’t have to worry about over cleaning your rug. Moreover, it serves as a nice reminder too so you don’t have to deal about making time to getting it cleaned. By sending it off to get professionally cleaned, you manage to successfully kill two birds at one time.


For Proper Maintenance
Good quality rugs will only last you for so long. Without proper maintenance, they can easily deteriorate, losing not only their vibrant colors but also the integrity of their fabric. This is one reason why wool and cotton rugs are favored more than silk rugs too since silk rugs tend to require more maintenance and cleaning. On the other hand, woolen and cotton rugs are tougher and don’t need as much maintenance. Nonetheless, sending them off to get cleaned professionally will play a large role in their longevity and ensure they stay in good condition for longer.

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