Mri History

Our Passion For Rugs

Rugs aren’t just another home décor item. They’re a passion. There’s something so beautiful about a handmade rug, woven with natural materials by artisans. Rugs tell a story, they represent a culture, they stand the test of time.

Regarding design, a fantastic rug grounds a room and creates a palette on which to create a space that becomes the background for your life, whether it’s entertaining friends or spending time with family.

At Modern Rug Importers we don’t focus on mass-produced rugs. Instead, our love for rugs comes from pieces that are truly original, where each design, each color and pattern and every aspect of the design is unique and like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Since 1980 we’ve been providing not just Southern California residents, but worldwide clients, with rugs from all around the world. These rugs become much more than a floor covering for our customer. They become something that’s a tangible representation of an artistic passion. They’re something that can be passed down through the generations, much like our own love for rugs was.

For more than 90 years since 1920 for three generations, we’ve been part of the rug industry. We’ve carried on the tradition of linking our customers to hand-created rugs from China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and other locations throughout the world. Because we travel to source these rugs ourselves, we save our clients money and offer the lowest possible prices to the general public.

Rugs don’t just tell a story—they bring together different cultures and honor a centuries-old artform. Along with that appreciation, we also put the utmost consideration into what our customers want, what they need, and what will bring them value to their lives.

These focuses are what have allowed us to remain one of Southern California’s leading rug retail dealers.