3 Interior Design Mistakes You Are Making That You Are Not Aware Of

Your home’s interior design can have a massive impact on its sale value once you put it on the market. However, certain mistakes can have the opposite effect. From selecting furniture, modern rugs, art pieces etc, hundreds of small decisions go into styling the perfect space. Even a slight misjudgement can have a visible effect that may ruin the aesthetic.

Top Common Interior Design Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes that most homeowners make when it comes to interior design:

1.Color and Style Matching Obsessively

Catalogue designs may seem attractive, but you don’t have to ensure that everything in a space matches as shown in those pictures. Even if you are able to match the designs to a tee, you will grow tired of it quickly since it won’t reflect your personal taste and style. The room will lack character.

You don’t have to ensure you get the exact same Persian rug that is shown in those pictures, or the same paint job. Get ones that you like personally and choose individual pieces rather than matching sets. That way, you won’t worry if you have to replace a piece later.

2.Hanging Drapes Too Low

Long drapes can look elegant, but in the right space. If these are hung too low, they can make a room seem claustrophobic and ruin the potential of a window dressing. Drapes that are fixed on a rod on top will make the window look smaller and the ceiling will also seem lower.

Hang the drapes higher, preferably right near the ceiling, to prevent this effect. The longer drapes will make the room look larger.

3.Using Small Area Rugs

A small vintage rug or modern rug that is too small can throw off the design of a whole space. It can also make the space look smaller than it really is. A large Oriental rug on the other hand, will act as a foundation piece that brings together all other elements in the room.

If you have already bought a small contemporary rug, all is not lost. Just add another large modern rug to it.  Choose one that has a simple design such as ones that are made from natural fibre. It can transform your space for the better and make the floor look like a mosaic.

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