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We began over 30 years ago by offering area rugs from some of the most influential names in design, and to this day, we continue to partner with creators from around the world to enrich our extensive and innovative selection of rugs.

In addition to offering a broad range of authentic designer rugs at discounted prices, we’ve been globally importing rugs for more than 30 years, building relationships with vendors from countries on four continents.

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Create Beautiful Spaces And Make Indoor Decor Come Together With Designer Rugs From Modern Rug Importers

At Modern Rug Importers, we believe that the right carpet or rug can make even the most ordinary space, extraordinary. For over three decades we have provided a range of carpeting options that not only make a style statement, but will also last for years togenerations to come.

With our rug restoration and cleaning services, we are dedicated in keeping this promise for our clients. Our dedication is an homage to them and the creative designers who give each rug a beautiful finish that can endure for months with the proper maintenance.

For three generations, we have introduced some of the most iconic rug designs and finest collection to Southern California. Our main priority is not just selling rugs, it’s making sure that our clients get the exact rug they are looking for in terms of aesthetic, size, shape and material.

Comprehensive Rug Services For Timeless Quality

Rug Cleaning
Our modern rug cleaning facility is equipped with state of the art rug cleaning equipment and dedicated cleaners who treat each piece with kid gloves. Irrespective of the state of your modern oriental rugs or carpets, we can restore it back to its original pristine beauty and even remove all types of tough stains with ease.

Rug Repair
Handmade rugs, contemporary modern rugs and oriental carpets can be handed down through generations. As the best rug store, we can ensure this with our extensive rug repair service. Our skilled repairers can patch up as well as repair corners/fringes to and turn back the clock on an old piece and make it look good as new.

Rug Appraisal
With decades of experience selling and sourcing handmade rugs and Oriental carpets, we know a fake from an original. Our eagle-eyed appraisers can let you know the exact value of your piece and also connect you with experts who can appraise it further.

And more!

To ensure we can provide our clients with magnificent rugs, we work with a number of experienced weavers across the globe that produce the best pieces you can get your hands on. Each one is made from the highest quality materials and is hand chosen for its softness and longevity.

It is this due diligence that allows us to source superb rugs and carpets that can not only adorn a space to perfection, but serve as an art piece itself. So if you are in search for ageless pieces that are as beautiful as they are affordable, check out our extensive inventory today!

The beauty of modern Oriental rugs lies in their usage – the more they are used, the more value they accumulate. With time and proper maintenance, you will have a statement piece in your hand that can last for generations. Allow us to help you find masterpieces that can meet your stringent specifications. We are committed when it comes to meeting client requirements.