How to Transform Your Living Room into a Haven

Your living room is the focal point of your home. It’s where you put your feet up after a tiring day at work, where you cuddle with your partner, where you lose yourself in a great book. An intimate living room can make you feel happier and safer in your home. Making this space a haven should be a priority.

Top Tips for Making a Living Room More Inviting

Here are some ways you can make this space a haven you cannot wait to return to after a hard day at work:

Use Oversized Ottomans Instead Of a Coffee Table

A large, comfy and plush ottoman is better than a hard and unyielding coffee table that will take up too much space. You can sink your feet in the former and also use it as the latter. Some ottomans also have in-built storage for those coffee table magazines you love to go through. Choose an elegant, tufted piece that adds texture and warmth to your living room décor.

Create a Conversation Circle

You can make your living room cozy by rearranging the furniture into a conversation circle. Instead of the typical sofa and chair layout, choose four large and upholstered swivel chairs that you can use to create a comfy conversation circle. This setup will not force you to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort.

Consider Natural Wood Piece

No other material can beat natural wood when it comes to warmth. Interior designers opt for wooden pieces for any large space they want to make more inviting. These organic pieces only act as decorative elements, but they can add texture and coziness others cannot. So if you have contemporary rugs or a modern living room layout, add wooden centerpieces or a wooden floor to make the space come together.

Use Transitional Rugs

If you have an open floor plan, your furniture may look disjointed. Oriental rugs and modern rugs can go a long way in creating a cohesive look. Place your sofas and chairs on a large vintage rug to anchor them in place and create a defined space.

Large Persian rugs not in your budget? Cover the living room floor with smaller modern rugs and layer them on top of one another. A large transitional rug that is made from natural fiber can add a neutral element which will bring the whole setup together.

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