Q. What is the difference between a carpet and a rug?
While the two terms are frequently used interchangeably, they are quite different. For example, a rug is a simple floor covering that does not extend to an entire room like a carpet can. Plus, it is not secured to the floor. A carpet on the other hand is stretches from wall to wall and can also cover an entire floor. It is often attached with tacking strips and glue so that it remains in place and doesn’t become a trip hazard.

Q: How often should I have my rugs and carpets cleaned?
That depends on your home or any area where the carpet or rug is inresiding. For example, a carpet or rug that is placed in an area of your home that gets a lot of traffic from kids, pets, and other family members naturally needs to be cleaned more often. On average, we recommend that you send your rugs and carpets for a cleaning every six months or once a year.

Q. What should I do to prepare for carpet cleaning?
While we don’t want our clients to lift a finger, we do recommend some light vacuuming before you bring in your carpets or rugs for cleaning. Also let us knowinform us of any certain spots of concern and we will make sure to give them special treatment.

Q. How do you make rugs?
Our rugs are pieces of art and most of them take a period offew months to complete. That’s because they are hand knotted and designed meticulously, prior to being shipped. They use weaving and hand knotting techniques that are centuries old and, which take time to perfect. Plus, we only use all natural vegetable dyes whenever they are available along with recyclable New Zealand silk and bamboo silk. It is one of the main reasons why Modern Rug Importers are the best rug store.

Q. How can I check the status of my order?
Please get in touch with us by email at info@modernrugimporters.com for any queries you may have regarding your orders. We may have already sent you aYou might have already received a confirmation email. If you did not receive it, please check your Spam folder and if you still cannot find it, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Q. When will my order arrive?
Whether you ordered Persian rugs on sale, a traditional Oriental rug or any other options we offer, the delivery date will depend on your shipping address, but orders usually take no more than 5 to 7 business days to arrive. If you live overseas, this can extend to a week orto two week based depending on the shipping method you have chosen. You can check out the delivery details in your confirmation email.

Q. Which shipping carriers do you use?
We use UPS ground shipping to deliver all of our rugs and carpets. Orders that need to be expedited are done so via special shipping options for an additional cost which is calculated by UPS.