4 Signs That Your ‘Antique’ Rug Is A Fake

No matter if your oriental rug is antique or not, it is a timeless classic that can add charm and warmth to a room. However, a lot of people are duped by fakes which are sold as the real thing, which is a downright tragedy in our opinion. Here are some of the top telltale signs that your original traditional oriental rug is not what it appears to be:

1. It Has A Plastic Back

Authentic traditional oriental rugs always have a soft backing that features a pattern that matches the top to perfection. If that is not the case, the rug is probably fake. If your rug’s top pile is made from hard plastic, it means it is made of a synthetic material and the hard plastic is holding it together. Some of the popular materials that are used to make fake rugs include acrylic, polypropylene, nylon and polyester.

2. It Is Not Hand Knotted

Original rugs are hand knotted meticulously by master craftsmen, while hand tufted ones on the other hand are made on a canvas backing which is stretched behind a stencil. In the latter case, a tufting gun is used to punch a specific design into the canvas, which leads to weak rug structures that can ruin a rug in as little as 7 years.

Genuine traditional oriental rugs on the other hand can last for more than 50 years because they are hand knotted. What is unfortunate is that both of these are often sold for the same price because customers rarely know better.

3. The Fringe Does Not Originate From The Rug

An original rug’s fringe is formed during the weaving process and looks like an extension of the rug itself. Machine made, fake rugs on the other hand have fringes that are attached afterwards via a sewing process.

So to determine if your rug is real or not, take a close look at where the fringe is attached to the body. If you see stitches, it is not the real deal.

4. The Material Is Synthetic

The weft and warp threads make up the foundation of a rug. A real one will always have a cotton, wool or silk foundation or a combination of the materials. An appraiser from Modern Rug Imports will be able to tell if it is these materials are fake after a simple examination.

It can be difficult to determine if you have a real or a fake oriental rug even if you keep these differences in mind. We offer rug appraisal services that are carried out by our network of seasoned appraisers who will let you know exactly what you have as well as its market value. As the best rug store, we take our promise of authenticity seriously. Check out our showroom today!