3 Ways To Make Your Rugs Last Longer

Luxurious modern and Persian rugs can stand the test of time provided they are maintained regularly. Here are some of the best ways to help you maintain the elegance and beauty of these rugs:

1.Wear Soft Soled Slippers Indoors

If you bought Persian rugs on sale and placed them lovingly in your living room or in front of the main door, wear soft soled slippers indoors. Dirt and dust from shoes that you wear outside can accumulate in the delicate fibers and will eventually get absorbed. Do you really want your brand new rug looking grungy after the first few days?

Place a few pairs of clean shoes or slippers at the main door so visitors can slip into them before they walk all over your rugs. This way, you will not only prevent damaging buildup, but also ensure abrasive hard soled shoes don’t ground down the fibers.


2. Vacuum/Dust Your Rug Regularly

One of the best ways to keep area rugs pristine is through regular vacuuming. The frequency depends on the size and type of rug you have, but as a general rule of thumb, they should be vacuumed at least twice per week. If you have a big family and children, this should be done three to four times a week.

Rugs that are placed in high traffic areas should be given extra attention in this regard. However, a regular vacuum may not be able to suck out all of the embedded dirt and debris. So hang these rugs on a clothes line outside and beat them with a paddle to dislodge dirt.

Additionally, make sure you vacuum the back side of your modern and Persian rugs every three to eight months, especially the larger ones. Dirt that is stuck underneath can damage your floors otherwise.

3. Get Your Modern and Persian Rugs Deep Cleaned

Even if you follow the aforementioned tips, sending in your rugs for a deep cleaning every six months or so can extend its life for years. At Modern Rug Importers, we not only have Persian rugs on sale, but we also have a state of the art rug cleaning facility where you can send yours in for a thorough cleaning job.

We offer a mix of rug washing methods which are applied using the best rug washing technology available. Using our special cleaning techniques, we can make your modern oriental rugs good as new. Get in touch with us for a cleaning job and feel free to browse through our exclusive collection of area rugs as well.