Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Rugs Cleaned Regularly

Whether you have contemporary modern rugs or traditional Persian rugs, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for years to come should be a priority. The best way to ensure this is with a frequent cleaning job. Here are some reasons why this should be in your to-do list:

1. Removes Toxic Elements From Your Traditional Persian Rugs

With time and traffic, area rugs can accumulate get dirty with dirt, mold and bacteria. This is understandable. With years of traffic, food particles, pet dander, dust, dirt and debris, even the most robust rug can become a health hazard. With time and without regular cleaning, that bacteria can spread across your home.

With regular rug cleaning, you can ensure your and your family’s health is not compromised. The cleaning job will remove all of the aforementioned harmful elements from all types of area rugs, even ones that escape the vacuum.

2. Odors Can Be Difficult To Eliminate

Besides trapping a number of bacteria and allergens, the absorbent fibers in contemporary modern rugs can also trap unpleasant odors. If you have pets, this issue may be chronic. Pet waste is notoriously difficult to clean. Even if you are able to clean up the mess, the odor may remain for weeks or may not dissipate completely ever.

Pet owners should send in their rugs to get cleaned regularly to prevent the stench from spreading through the house or causing illnesses. We use special cleaning formulas that can remove even the toughest odors from your area rugs.

3. Maintain The Material

With regular and professional carpet cleaning, your expensive traditional Persian rugs can last for years. Most can accumulate a lot of dirt over time, especially if they are placed in high traffic areas. When rugs are kept clean on a regular basis, that dirt does not have time to really get into the fibers and get absorbed.

If this is allowed to happen, with time the dirt will start to erode the material of the rug and basically destroy it. While vacuuming can get rid of the top soil, the soil that is ground into the fibers requires special deep cleaning methods and resources you may not have.

4. Extend The Life Of Your Area Rugs

If you use common household detergent to clean your contemporary modern rugs, you might as well set fire to it yourself. The cleaning agent can destroy your attractive rug permanently because it is not formulated to be gentle on delicate rug fibers.

By sending your area rugs to us at Modern Rug Importers, you can ensure they last for years down the line. We pay close attention to each and every piece that is sent and make sure it receives the attention it needs to retain its original beauty. Our time tested techniques can get rid of stubborn stains, dander and odors that can otherwise ruin your investment. We have experience cleaning and reinvigorating all types and designs of area rugs that feature weaving from all parts of the world.