How To Appraise An Oriental Rug

Even the most authentic looking modern oriental rugs can turn out to be fake. To the untrained eye, even a knockoff can seem like the real deal, so you are not at fault. There are a few things you can look for that can give you a somewhat accurate assessment of the rug you have your eye on. The figure you come up with may not be precise, which is why you can always ask our appraisers to do a more thorough job later and compare.

Here are some of the ways you can tell the estimated value of an oriental rug:

Examine Knot Count

As is apparent from the term, knot count refers to the number of knots that are tied within a certain area in the rug. In the US, this is usually no more than an inch, but it differs in modern oriental rugs that are bought from other countries as per their unit of measurement and mathematical systems.

To determine knot count, turn over the rug and count the number of columns and rows of knots in an inch. Multiply both of the numbers together to get the knot count. However, contrary to popular belief, this is not proportional to the value of the rug. In certain conditions, knot count can take a back seat to other features.

That’s because not all areas of the world produce rugs that have a high knot count density. For example, tribal rugs may have a knot count that is lower than those that are produced in cities which are known for producing quality rugs. So, to determine the value of your rug, you need to compare it with others that are indigenous to the part of the world it originated from in order to come up with an appraisal value.

Appraise The Visual Impact

Whether you got authentic Persian rugs on sale or the modern variety, visual impact should also factor in your appraisal. Naturally, rugs that have intricate designs and colors have more value than the plain and coarse variety. Like the knot count, this is also relative to the types of rugs that are produced in the area where yours was.

A rug that has delicate and a fine design is considered to be more valuable. Compare it to the pixels per inch a camera can produce. The higher the pixels, the better the detail. Similarly, the higher the knot count, the more details are included in the rug design. A higher knot count allows the designer to create more detail in the rug for an intricate product.

If you are searching for Persian rugs on sale that are authentic or need a rug appraised by professional appraisals, get in touch with us at Modern Rug Imports today. We have a fine range of modern oriental rugs as well as Persian, traditional and outdoor rugs that can meet your aesthetic needs.