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Expert Rug Cleaning

We Professionally Clean and Hand-Wash Oriental & Area Rugs

Our rug cleaning facility utilizes a fusion of rug washing methods, which couples the hand-detailing of highly skilled technicians with the most sophisticated rug washing machinery on the market. With these techniques, we are able to enhance your rugs, bringing out the richness in color and softness of the wool.

We pay close attention to each rug we clean to ensure that it gets the specific attention needed to bring it back to its original beauty. Our time-tested techniques help with most common textile issues, including pet dander, mold and mildew, ground-in dirt, and stains.

We currently charge $5 per square foot to wash oriental rugs. Because we have a relatively low volume and do each piece by hand, we are able to give your rug individual attention and do that extra work where it needs to be done. Depending on the severity of the rug, the processes typically takes around two weeks.

We Specialize in Cleaning These Fine Textiles and Surfaces

Our Area-Rug Cleaning Process



Your rugs will be pre-inspected before any cleaning begins. We first measure and identify the construction type and the fiber type(s).


Dry Soil Removal

Next, we remove loose, dry soil and dust from the rug. Dry soil is the majority of the soiling in all textiles due to everyday traffic and use. Natural fibers, especially wool, can hide a good bit of dry soil.


Pre-Treat & Pre-Condition

Most rugs will need a pre-treatment of some sort. Pre-conditioning is especially useful for preserving dyes in brightly-colored rugs and preventing any colors from running.


Agitation & Dwell Time

Next, area rugs are gently agitated to remove embedded soil by a specially-equipped machine and/or by hand. Special attention is given to areas of concern and any fringe detailing.


Rinse & Extract

Depending on the necessary approach of cleaning for each rug, the rinse and extract method can vary. Some of our methods include full-immersion washing, hand-washing, bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, and low-moisture cleaning.


Speed Dry

A critical step to rug washing is the drying process. We have built a custom rug-drying room that blows air through the floor, allowing the rug to float in the air and dry from both sides simultaneously.



Once the rugs are dry, they are given a thorough post-inspection by our Rug Plant Manager to ensure quality control.



An optional final step is the addition of a fiber protector to extend the revitalized texture of your rug as long as possible. Finished rugs are then rolled for pickup/delivery, or they can be prepped and wrapped for storage.

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