Making Beloved Rugs Beautiful Again Since (1991)

At Modern Rug Importers, we understand that whether you have a traditional oriental rug or contemporary modern rugs, each is an investment. To fulfill our mission in helping creating beautiful spaces, we offer a range of services that can maintain their pristine beauty for years.
We pay special attention to each and every rug that comes to us for a cleaning. Combining manual and machine washing solutions, our skilled technicians work hard to revitalize dulled colors and limp strands for a cleaning job that never disappoints.

We Make Rugs Of All Sizes And Shapes Look Sharp

Thorough Rug Cleaning

We change our cleaning techniques based on the material and type of rugs we get. Whether it is made from silk, silk blends, bamboo, banana silk or any other delicate material, our experienced technicians use state of the art machines with a gentle touch so as to maintain the integrity of each material while sloughing off crusted dirt and debris.

We use a fusion of rug washing methods which can enhance rugs and maintain their richness and softness.

Detailed Rug Repairs

Edges and fringes are the first parts of a rug that show the first signs of a rug’s age. Whether you have handmade or commercial rugs, each is a work of art that needs tender loving care when repairs are due.

We can repair frayed fringes, remove fringes, repair moth damage, prevent the rug from curling,replace fringes and even install a back pocket for hanging if need be. Our professional weavers can also reweave the underlying foundation to make the repairs as seamless as possible.

Reliable Rug Appraisals

An antique traditional oriental rug or antique carpet is worth its weight in gold. Only professionals who deal with these on a daily basis and who determine current values via an evaluation can tell you its exact worth.

Fortunately, we have such professionals here at Modern Rug Importers who can appraise your rugs accurately. Knowing where a rug was made, its design, coloration, condition and size are just a few of the many characteristics they look into which allow them to determine a price and value for coveted rugs.

Carpet appraisals can be quite complex and when fine rugs enter the picture, appraisals can get even more difficult. We can connect you with experienced appraisers who have a keen eye for fakes,forgeries and the real deal so you know that the answers you get from them will be 100% accurate. As you can see, as the best rug store, all of our restoration services are designed around revitalizing and repairing rugs to their pristine original looks if not better. Get in touch with us at our showroom to see how we can bring your rugs and carpets back to life.