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Our Expert Rug Services

At Modern Rug Importers, rugs truly are our passion. For three generations, our family has brought the world’s most
beautiful handmade rugs to our customers in Southern California, and we have grown to offer a full suite of services
that enable us to keep them looking sharp for our customers for years to come.


When you invest in a hand-crafted Persian, Oriental, vintage, or modern rug, you want to ensure it is well cared-for so that it can provide years of enjoyment in your home.

Your rug is meant to be walked on and thoroughly enjoyed, which is why we can assist you with the services needed to clean it. Whether it's the regular wear and tear of everyday life or removing a stubborn stain, we will do our best to return your rug to its natural luster with our comprehensive cleaning options.


Handmade rugs are built to last for decades, but a little extra maintenance can go a long way in preserving their appearance.

With the help of our team of restoration experts, we are proud to offer restoration services that allow you to bring your classic rug back to its impeccable, original condition.

Custom Rugs

Sometimes, you envision a piece that just hasn't been made yet. Whatever your dream rug is, we can help you bring it into fruition. Contact our Tustin Rug Showroom to learn how we can bring your ideas to life!

Rug Pads

Our focus at Modern Rug Importers is to help you find but also maintain a rug as a long-term investment. Similarly to caring for fine art, it is important to protect your rug as much as possible, and a professional underlay, also called a rug pad, is one of the best ways to do that. You’ll extend the longevity of your rug, protect the floor underneath, and add comfort that feels luxurious underfoot.




Phone: (888) 788-5598
Add: 514 E First St Tustin, CA 92780


Phone: (888) 788-5598
Add: 514 E First St Tustin, CA 92780