3 Tips to Buy an Authentic Persian Rug

Are you afraid of experiencing buyer’s remorse by purchasing the wrong rug?

We’ve all been there.

The popularity of modern oriental rugs led to a boom in machine-made production and counterfeits. Due to this, purchasing without a plan can result in costly mistakes.

When shopping online (or in-person), the sheer number of prints and patterns can be overwhelming. We streamline choices by relating three simple steps to buy an authentic Persian rug for your home.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rule #1: Recognize the Right Rug via Natural Dyes and Traditional Patterns 

Authentic rugs feature natural dyes, while machine-made imitations don’t. Observing the color variation with Persian rug prints can help you differentiate between genuine rugs and replicas. If a carpet features uneven colors due to the natural dyeing process, it’s an authentic piece.

Once the carpet passes this test, look at its intricate design elements.

Most modern oriental rugs depict traditional motifs and symbols. On these rugs, you’ll find stars, mihrabs (gateways), floral designs, diamonds, fruits, and other nature-related patterns. Moreover, handwoven rugs will focus on details more than counterfeit versions.

Rule #2: Talk about Texture and Material

Artisans for handmade rugs use 100% natural fibers. It can be a mixture of wool-silk threads or pure silk/wool varieties. Your choice may depend on the budget.

However, you should consider the material when you go out to buy an authentic Persian rug. Even though synthetic and natural fibers appear soft, the former is highly flammable. Therefore, authentic rugs feature natural fibers for maximum durability. Their low flammability accommodates versatile use around the house (including in kitchens and outdoor porches where these rugs might come in contact with heat/flames).

Online shoppers can look at product specifications to determine authenticity.

Rule #3: Know the Knot Count

After covering the basis, turn your rug to examine its underside. Quality rugs feature 100-120 knots per square inch woven in a slightly uneven pattern. Touch the threadwork to feel the bumps along the detailed framework.

These elements indicate that each design element of your rug comes from a labor of love.

The Final Choice

If you want to buy an authentic Persian rug, visit importers instead of retailers. That’s because imported products come from a direct source and specific region. Without a go-between, you receive quality items at an affordable price.

More importantly, you gain access to more diverse traditional and modern oriental rug collections. Various options within reach allow you to decorate your living spaces any way you want to match your style, budget, and need. 

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