Choosing a Colorful Rug – What You Should Look For

If you are having trouble choosing color for your future Persian rug, you aren’t alone. The right shade can bring your décor together, but the wrong one can have the opposite effect. Since modern rugs are an expensive investment that will remain in your home for years, choosing the right hue should be a priority.

Some colors may work for some décor while others may clash. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best ones:

Determine the Size of the Space

The dimensions and size of the space you need a colored traditional rug for should have an impact on your decision.

For example, if you are looking for a patterned modern rug for small space, choose light colored varieties and rugs that feature natural hues. These timeless choices can complement both modern and boho décor.

You can also use color to add missing dimensions to a room. For example, if you want to expand the space, choose cream or beige colored rugs. Similarly, you can add a dark colored rug to define a bland space. In either case, you will be able to bring your existing décor together with the colored contemporary rug as a focal point.

Determine the Ambience You Want To Go For

The color of the rug you choose will also have an impact on the ambience of the room, especially if it covers the whole floor. Dominant hues and shades can dictate how you feel in that room so this consideration shouldn’t be ignored.

For example, if you want to make a living room look intimate and cozy, choose a dark colored traditional rug or one that boasts natural colors. The latter has a calming influence while the former can make the space feel more intimate. Similarly, the former can make a room feel light and airy. Similarly, for a bright and sunny room, use cool colored rugs to make it feel serene. Pastel blue and green rugs can help with that.

Patterned and multi-colored rugs are ideal for art-deco living spaces. These add character and will create an uplifting ambience that can turn your frown upside down after a difficult day.

Use the Color Wheel to Determine Custom Colored Rugs

The aforementioned ideas can give you a good sense of the colors you should choose if you are in a hurry. However, if you want to choose custom colored modern rugs or wish to layer several to create a specific aesthetic, familiarize yourself with the color wheel.

The color wheel represents all of the colors we see around us and which are broken down into three categories:

Primary Colors

Primary colors are made up of three base colors that can be used to create a range of shades. These are red, yellow and blue.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are the result of two primary colors that are mixed together. These can differ as per the composition and combination of said colors. It’s where we get colors such as orange (yellow + red), green (blue + yellow) and purple (red + blue).

Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are the result of a combination of a primary and secondary color which result in a wide range of hues and shades. These include gold, burgundy, pink among others.

You can use the color wheel to determine the basic connection between colors across the rainbow spectrum. It will help you understand why some colors work together and some don’t. Here are three basic color schemes that can help you get a good start:

Complimentary Colors

You can determine complementary colors by drawing a straight line between two different ones on a color wheel. Keep in mind that it HAS to be a straight line. A good example is a line between red and green, a combination that is often associated with Christmas décor.

Analogous Colors

These colors are side by side on the color wheel. While they lie within a specific spectrum, they can also be used to create a range of variations. You can refer to those variations to pick and choose colored rugs that can go with a specific décor in your home. 

Triadic Colors

Triadic colors can be found evenly spaced in a triangle on the color wheel. When mixed together, they complement each other. Consider consulting an interior decorator if you get confused with the sheer number of options out there.

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