Find The Best Area Rug Washing and Repair Center in Orange County, CA

A quality area rug can make your home look professional, chic, and glamorous. Unfortunately, with natural foot traffic from adults, pets, and children, your once vibrant area rug will begin to show signs of use sooner or later. While handmade rugs are extremely durable, even they need a little touch-up from time to time! FAQ: "When is it a Good Time to Get My Rug Cleaned?"

Due to the fine materials used in all of our rugs, attempting to clean them with traditional household products can run the risk of causing permanent damage to the piece. Unless you are already a textile professional, it can be difficult to determine exactly what techniques are safest for your individual rug, and considering it is such an investment, why take unnecessary risk?

This is why you should seek the services of an area rug washing and repair shop that knows exactly how to wash and repair area rugs. Many area rug washing and repair shops specialize in these two tasks; however, you need to seek out the best one within your locality.

What are the baseline standards a wash/repair shop should meet to be considered among the best? We did a bit of brainstorming based on our experience and came up with the four most important aspects to look for when trying to find the best area rug washing and repair shop in your area:

1. The Area Rug Shop Can Perform Quality Service

In the end, what you want to have is a rug repair shop that can make your rug look sparkling clean. Many rug shops can clean, but only a few of them can take a dirty rug and make it look like it's brand new. This is especially important if your rug is large and expensive.

2. Expertise on Cleaning Different Types of Area Rugs

Each rug has its own cleaning needs. If you want to retain the distinctive look of your area rug, the cleaning process might need to be more personalized. When your rug is made from a unique material, carelessness from the rug cleaner could result in a permanently ruined rug. Nobody wants that to happen.

By far the most crucial thing you can do when searching for a rug cleaning or repair service is to ask about their expertise in repairing different rug types, especially the rug that you're trying to clean.

3. See If They Offer Convenience Services

Even though you might hate to stare at your area rug because it's lost its sparkle, the mere thought of removing the carpet, rolling it into your car's trunk, and taking it to a rug-washing shop can be exhausting. This leads rug owners to procrastinate longer and longer while their rugs continue to accumulate dirt and wear.

Thankfully, many shops today offer convenient services such as free pick-up and delivery. These options can make the task of cleaning your rug infinitely less daunting.

4. Check if the Pricing Is Affordable

An excellent area rug cleaning/repair service shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. You'll never really know if you're paying too much for excellent service until you start to compare both the prices and services in another shop. However, no smart business would price itself out of the market. To extend the lifespan of your rug, and reduce your stress, you're better off sticking to one quality shop.


Over time, your area rugs are bound to endure a great amount of foot traffic, and unfortunately, become stained, ripped, dulled, and/or discolored. Make sure that you hire the services of a shop that they get the job done properly, affordably, and conveniently. Be diligent with your selection of a rug repair/cleaning shop, and your rug will end up looking like the day you bought it: sparkling clean.

If you are looking for the best area rug washing and repair in Orange County, CA, contact us.