How to Find the Best Rug Stores in Orange County, CA?

How to Find the Best Rug Stores in Orange County, CA?

A rug can make or break your entire design aesthetic The right piece can tie an entire home together, but the wrong piece can be catastrophic. When making such a large purchase as a handmade area rug, you deserve to feel confident in your choice and have expert assistance every step of the way to ensure it is indeed the perfect piece for you. While going about this might sound simple enough, the overwhelming amount of options in today's market can leave buyers frustrated and exhausted. Finding the best rug stores in Orange County is anything but simple because there are just so many options to choose from.

Narrowing down which rug stores to visit can be a difficult task. Meanwhile, the bevy of low-quality recreations out there can sidetrack the quest for a real, handmade rug. To overcome these obstacles, you need to look for a rug store that is trustworthy and has a variety of options to choose from. Here is a quick guide for helping you locate some of the best rug stores in Orange County, California.


1. Check for a Vast Selection of Rugs

An ideal rug store should offer a wide range of rug options to its buyers. Most buyers want to view several potential options before settling on a purchase, and stores should be able to accommodate this.

To search the vast selection of the rug store's inventory, look at the rug store's website and see if they have a different number of categories for different styles of rugs. That way you can pinpoint exactly which rugs you would most likely be interested in when you decide to go shopping in-store. Consider heading over to Modern Rug Importers when you get the chance as we have an extensive collection of rugs in Orange County and have multiple rug styles ranging from contemporary and transitional to traditional and vintage.

2. Look for High-Quality Rugs

When you go looking for a rug, never forget that quality is an important factor. Look for rug stores that have proven to be trustworthy suppliers of quality rugs. Find out about people's opinions on the rug stores that they have shopped at. Modern Rug Importers has a track record of offering the finest pieces that are built to last and consistently exceed our clients' expectations. This is what makes us the best rug store in Orange County. So, if you are in or around Orange County, California, the first place you should visit when searching for your dream rug is Modern Rug Importers!

3. Rugs Should Be within Your Budget

Finding high-quality rugs is important, but finding ones that are within your budget is even more crucial The rug store you buy from must have a way of balancing quality and cost so that the rugs can be affordable to buyers. If you're struggling to find a local shop within your budget, keep an eye out for sales and clearance events that allow you to enjoy certain deals.

4. Check the Online Reviews

To ensure that you have a seamless shopping experience before you do decide to shop in-store at your chosen rug store, make sure to check an important resource: online reviews. Previous rug buyers of past shopping experiences will give you an idea of what the rug store's products or services would feel like. Review websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews should help guide you in making your decision for shopping at your chosen rug store.

5. Look for Quality Customer Service

Everyone likes being treated with courtesy. So, make sure you go to a rug store where you feel welcomed and where you're attended to as quickly as possible. Small gestures like this go a long way. Modern Rug Importers has all of the above-listed qualities of a great rug store.

What kind of carpet are you in the mood for searching for? Is it a modern, vintage, or traditional? Modern Rug Importers also offers the best handmade rugs in Orange County, CA. Check us out and place your order today!