The Pet Owner’s Guide to Rug Care

Our pets are like our babies, but they also leave tokens of “affection” behind that can do a number on your contemporary modern rugs and traditional rugs such as Persian rugs. Rather than getting rid of your fur babies, invest some time in rug maintenance. Here is a simple guide that can ensure your rugs remain pristine even with pets in the house:

Clean Your Rugs Twice a Week

As a pet owner, you should vacuum your traditional rugs at least twice a week. That way, you can prevent pet dander, fur and tracked dirt from getting too deep into those fibers. Of course, if you have several pets, you may need to vacuum several times a week. Doing so will keep your rugs pristine and refresh the fibers at the same time. They will also last a long time.

Here is a simple vacuuming guide that can help:

Step 1 – Prepare your rug to be vacuumed

Before taking out your vacuum, prepare your modern rug. Remove all items that are on it such as pet beds, toys, cushions and make sure sheets and blankets are stowed away. Trailing sheets can get sucked into the vacuum brush roll and can ruin the machine. Also make sure all cords and curtains are out of the way before starting.

Vacuum horizontally and vertically

No one walks on a rug in a single direction and your pets are no different. They will roll on it, pounce on it and play all over it so vacuuming from different directions makes sense. To ensure the vacuum sucks up most of the dirt and pet fur from the fibers, move it one way and then go back over it again in the opposite direction. Do this on rugs that get a lot of traffic such as ones in front of the fireplace, main door, the sofa and the hallway.

Use a Cleaning Solution to Remove Pet Fur

Is pet fur in your carpet making you tear your hair out in frustration? Getting tiny hair out from dense fibers is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is baking soda, your vacuum and a rubber squeegee.

Sprinkle the baking soda over the worst areas on your Persian rug such as spots where your pet loves to sleep or sunbathe. Allow it to sit for five minutes and then move your vacuum over it. At that time, the baking soda would have done its job and the fur should come out from the fibers easily. It will also absorb moldy and pet odors from your rug.

If the hair is too firmly embedded in the modern or contemporary rug, use a rubber squeegee to remove it. Just run it over the ‘furry’ areas. The rubber will lift out the fur without damaging your rug. Vacuum up the fur that it lifts out and you are done.

Maintain Your Rug by Taking Care of Your Pets

Prevention is better than cure if you want to ensure your rugs can survive for years with pets in the house. Here are some tips that can help:

Keep paws clean

Many rug stains are the result of muddy paws that track wet dirt all over your home. Prevent this from happening by cleaning your pet’s feet before it is allowed indoors, especially dogs. Place a towel near your main or back door so you don’t have to dash into the kitchen for it when your pet saunters in.

Also make sure you have a spray bottle filled with water on hand to remove stubborn mud or just use wipes. Don’t use the baby variety though. These may have chemicals that can harm your pet. Get special pet wipes instead. Your dog or cat won’t get poisoned if they lick their paws then.

Place pet-proof door mats in front of the door

If you have rambunctious pets, chances are they get inside before you can catch them and clean their paws. Plus, they won’t rub their muddy paws on a standard rug either. Invest in special pet doormats that can absorb dirt before your dog steps on your modern living room rugs. Runners and area rugs will work as well. Just make sure you place it by your entry doors so your pet doesn’t track dirt inside.

Keep your pet groomed

If your pet is groomed regularly, your rugs will remain clean as well. Give your pet regular baths using shampoo that prevents shedding and brush them as well. That way your rugs will not get furry too fast. Remove matted fur by using special combs and discard all of the fur that sheds before it has a chance to get into fibers.

Get Your Rugs Professional Cleaned and Repaired From Modern Rug Importers

Whether you have a dog or several cats, pet hair is the bane of your expensive contemporary rugs and carpets. A DIY job can only do so much if you have a full time job and/or housework to take care of. Leave the cleaning to the professionals at Modern Rug Importers. We have professional cleaners on staff who can remove pet dander, fur and caked mud from your precious Oriental and Persian rugs without ruining them.

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