Tips on Choosing the Perfect Rug Size

Nothing is more frustrating for a homeowner than getting rugs that turn out to be the wrong size. All of that money and effort goes down the drain and you are left with a rug you don’t know what to do with.zz

How to Determine the Aesthetic of an Area Rug

To get an idea about the size, follow these steps to determine how a rug will look in your space:

  • Create a border on the floor using masking tape. Make sure that you keep at least 18 inches of bare floor around to the frame the layout of the room and to make room for pathways.
  • If the room is smaller, leave at least 8 inches of room to spare. Give yourself at least two inches as a margin of error.
  • Write down the dimensions you get and use them to get a contemporary rug that is the right size.

Determining Rug Size by Room

Here are some tips that can help you choose the correct size for a rug for a particular space:

The Living Room

  • Choose a rug that can anchor your seating arrangement. It doesn’t have to fill the whole room. Just make sure it can accommodate the front two legs of the sofa and the chairs.
  • There should be at least a foot distance between the rug and the walls.

The Dining Room

  • If your dining room table is extendable, choose a rug that is large enough to accommodate the extra size.
  • Choose an Oriental rug that extends at least two inches on each side of the table so it can accommodate the chairs.
  • Use a rectangular rug for a round table.

The Bedroom

  • Choose a vintage rug that can fit under your bed and nightstands or under the front two-thirds of the bed.
  • There should be two to three inches on each side of the bed so you don’t step onto a cold floor after you wake up.
  • You can also place a runner of either side of the bed or a single one at the foot if you prefer smaller rugs.

It is better to get a rug that is too big for a space than a small one that will look odd in it. You can always have the former customized to fit by professionals.

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