What Is a Transitional Rug?

Did you stumble upon the term “transitional rugs” as you flipped/scrolled through interior design magazines? 

These rugs have become a popular trend in home design. They exude cozy and comfortable vibes with a touch of old-world charm. Homeowners use them to decorate spaces that are neither too modern nor strictly traditional.

Confused? Don’t be.

This article will explain what transitional rugs are and why you should buy them.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Premise: What Are Transitional Rugs? 

Despite popular belief, transitional rugs are not the same as contemporary ones. These rugs fit somewhere between traditional and modern styles. They feature a balanced blend of styles accentuating features from both sides of the carpet spectrum.

For instance, modern rugs often feature bold colors, quirky patterns, or chic trims that you won’t find in traditional hand-knotted carpets. Makers of transitional rugs will infuse the vibrancy of modern designs by using similar colors to weave traditional motifs.

 Alternatively, they might simplify a heavily detailed traditional pattern and replace outdated borders with stylish trims.

They mix and match techniques in both cases to give traditional-looking rugs a fresh, contemporary feel.

The Benefits: Why Should You Buy a Transitional Rug? 

Rugs are a quick and easy way to elevate a living space. The right carpet can breathe new life into dull, rather drab-looking spaces.

Transitional rugs work well with rooms that have antique furniture and outdated wallpapers. The pop of color they offer can brighten up your space. Meanwhile, their slightly traditional prints and patterns will align with the vintage vibe of your home.

However, if that isn’t the aesthetic you’re looking for, tons of different options are available in this category.

Some transitional rugs feature sophisticated ivory and silver prints; others are beyond stylish with multi-colored motifs. Solid rugs in beige, gray, and cool blue tones are perfect if you’re interested in a minimalist aesthetic. Each rug brings something unique to the room. What’s more is that it’s entirely up to you to have the rug be the design focal point or an accent that ties everything else together.

Moreover, good quality rugs last long if they receive proper care and attention. That means these hardwearing statement pieces will stay a part of your home and family for years.

In a Nutshell

Transitional rugs offer you the best of both worlds with spruced-up patterns inspired by traditional designs. The balance brings a contemporary feel to your home while preserving the charm of oriental rugs.

Plus, they look great with modern and vintage furniture. The versatility makes these rugs an excellent investment in the long run. It gives you room to renovate your space without changing the carpet.  

Do you think these modern oriental rugs are suitable for your home? Visit our rug store to start shopping, or scroll through our design portfolio for inspiration.