Machine Made vs. Hand-Knotted Rugs: Which One Should You Choose?

Most people will find it challenging to differentiate between machine-made vs. hand-knotted rugs at a casual glance. That’s because technological advancements make it easier for machines to imitate the threadwork of authentic handcrafted rugs.

Nevertheless, a closer look can unveil the distinguishing features of each rug.

In most cases, color schemes, fringe style, overcast, and the weave gives away the identity of hand-knotted rugs. These prominent features set them apart from machine-designed replicas.

3 Key Differences Between Machine Made vs. Hand Knotted Rugs

As the name suggests, hand-knotted rugs are manually woven by skilled artisans. In contrast, machine-made carpets are produced with heavy-duty power looms. The varied weaving techniques create noticeable differences in how each rug looks and feels.

Here’s how you can spot the difference:

Uniformity vs. Unevenness of the Weave

Flipping the rugs will be easy to find out whether you’re looking at an authentic hand-knotted rug or a machine-made replica. The underside of handwoven rugs will be slightly uneven and jut out because individual knots are tied by hand. 

Machine-made rugs have a smoother, perfectly even underside.

Color Variations

You can set them apart by examining the color ways when differentiating between machine-made vs. hand-knotted rugs. Hand-woven carpets feature natural fibers that are hand dyed. Due to this, you can see a variation and inconsistencies in the shade. For instance, sometimes, the blue will appear darker, and in other areas, it will be lighter.

Machine-made rugs feature a blend of natural and synthetic fibers dyed in a batch. Hence, the color remains consistent throughout the design.

The Proof in the Fringe

Some rugs feature a decorative border at the opposite ends. The fringe on machine-made rugs gets sewn onto the edge of the rug after completion.

In contrast, fringes on hand-knotted rugs are an extension of its main body. They are warps of the rug and part of the structure instead of an added embellishment.

Parting Words: Which Rug Should You Buy?

The answer depends on your style and budget. When buying machine-made rugs vs. hand-knotted rugs, most people choose hand-woven rugs. That’s because these handcrafted items are considered more genuine than their machine-designed counterparts.

If you have a budget, machine-made rugs are a good alternative. Many carpet industries in the East mass produce their rugs to accommodate the high demand for oriental carpets. They are also slightly more affordable than vintage or handmade rugs.

In the end, select something that matches your interiors and personal aesthetic.

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