What Is a Modern and Contemporary Rug?

Modern living room rugs are bold, beautiful and budget-friendly.

 These characteristics make them the preferable choice for many homeowners. Yet, a look at stores that sell modern and contemporary rugs might leave you confused. That's because there's more to these rugs than meets the eye.

 Understanding the difference between modern rugs, oriental rugs and transitional designs can streamline your search.

This article covers the basis to help you make an informed decision.

 Here's what you should know:

Modern and Contemporary Rugs vs. Traditional Rugs: What’s the Difference?

Modern and contemporary rugs feature slightly more Westernized designs. They rose to popularity in the mid-1900s. Typically these rugs incorporate more free-from styles instead of the structured framework for traditional oriental rugs.

 You might prefer this contemporary look because it matches your modern furniture and decor better than classical designs.

 In addition to style, the production process varies. Most artisans for vintage and traditional rugs use specialized handlooms to create these masterpieces. On the other hand, modern rugs are mass-produced operating machines.

3 Defining Qualities of Modern Rugs

How can you differentiate between a modern and contemporary rug vs. a transitional style?

 Transitional rugs are the go-between traditional and modern designs. Yet, to an untrained eye, these rugs might look the same. You must examine the patterns and thread work closely to know which ones are.

 We help you do that by giving you a few hints.

 Here are three things to look out for:

  • Design

Modern rugs feature geometric shapes and abstract prints instead of traditional motifs/symbolic designs.

  • Colors

Contemporary styles offer variations in color schemes. For example, you can buy rugs with minimalistic monochrome or two-toned threadwork to create a classy look. Alternatively, you can use bolder colors to brighten up neutral spaces.

  • Manufacturing Techniques

Many contemporary carpets use industry-grade machines to create a picture-perfect look. A small number of importers sell tufted and hand-woven options.

 Aside from this, modern and contemporary rugs come in different shapes and sizes due to their free-form style.

In a Nutshell

Modern and contemporary rugs bring a fresh new vibe to living spaces. They align with current home design trends, while traditional prints bring in the old worldly charm.

More importantly, they align with minimalistic styles because you have multiple options to choose from in the rug collection. The versatility allows you to switch things up more often. For instance, you can pick neutral tones for some rooms and quirkier options for others.

 Always look at your furniture and wallpaper to ensure your final choice doesn’t clash with its surroundings.

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