How Often Should You Clean Your Persian Rugs?

How Often Should You Clean Your Persian Rugs?

The answer depends on the type of cleaning required.

If you’re vacuuming (or brushing off dirt yourself), we recommend it once or twice a month.

The durability of the rug, your lifestyle, and your exposure to environmental elements determines the frequency of your cleaning schedules. For instance, homeowners with messy pets and children need to clean carpets more often than others.

On the other hand, you can deep clean traditional and modern oriental rugs annually. A good practice would be to send dirty rugs off for professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months. Do it before the holidays to ensure your carpets look brand new before seasonal parties.

5 Signs You Need to Clean Your Persian Rug

Sometimes you need to call a professional oriental rug cleaning company sooner rather than later. Rugs in living rooms, entrances, and the staircase landing quickly target spills, stains, and footprints.

Here are some telltale signs that suggest your rug needs a good scrub:

  • Dust and debris cover its beautiful design and trigger your allergies
  • Dark stains and muddy footprints cover most of the carpet
  • It starts smelling funky
  • You notice the color becoming dull
  • Your pet has had an accident on the rug

That’s why you should schedule a deep cleaning session once a year or when it needs emergency care. Regular cleaning extends your rug’s life and ensures they don’t lose its vibrant colors. Professional experts provide that the cleaning agents they use can retain the carpet’s beauty and don't harm the environment or the pets.

It’s a Wrap!

You should deep clean your Persian rugs yearly and vacuum them monthly. There’s no hard and fast rule to the timeline. Chances are that a rainy season or the arrival of pets may give you a reason to call oriental rug cleaning services more than once a year.