3 Oriental Rug Cleaning Challenges for Pet Owners

Stains and Smelly Odor

Pets love marking their territory with mud, claws, and pee.

Your beautiful rug might target these intentional and sometimes unwitting accidents. If your furry companion soils the carpet, remove it carefully and airdry it. 

Use a 1:1 vinegar and water cleaning solution. The acidic formula neutralizes the stench. You should call in experts if the smell or stains don’t go away. Schedule regular cleaning to extend the life of your vintage rugs.

Moreover, it’s important to train your pets. Direct them to a litter or take them outside when it looks like they need to go. Most furry friends take the hint and start staying off the carpet.

Pets That Shed All Over Your Oriental Carpet

Does your feline or canine companion shed?

Vacuums can’t clean all the furballs and pet hair off the carpet. You should consider using a good rubber broom to remove the remaining hair. Maintaining good pet grooming habits reduces shedding. It can make the situation more manageable.

Alternatively, you can look for breeds that shed less (or not at all). That will limit the challenges of caring for pets and carpets under the same roof.  

Finding Pet-Friendly Oriental Rug Cleaning Agents 

Pet owners resort to vacuuming and washing rugs when they get dirty. There are a few setbacks to your DIY approach. Chances are that your basic cleaning skills can compromise the integrity of your handcrafted rugs. They also harm pets that are sensitive to harsh cleaning agents.

You can prevent the risk by hiring an oriental rug cleaning company. Ensure that they use eco-friendly, pet-safe products. That way, your furnishings shall remain clean, and your pets will stay healthy.

It’s a Wrap!

Ultimately, the right oriental rug cleaning company can help keep your living space clean and pet-friendly. You should also train your furry friends to ensure they have a designated area for their shenanigans instead of ruining your gorgeous vintage rug.

A good mix of these tactics allows you to proudly show off your stylish carpet without stinky, unsightly consequences.

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