How to Choose the Right Rug Color

Can’t decide on a rug color?

Whether you’re sprucing up your old space or decorating a new one, modern oriental rugs can make a statement. Yet, many people get stumped when deciding how to choose the right rug color.

If you feel the same way, we have a practical checklist to shortlist shades. Use it to make your choice based on location, furniture, or lifestyle.

Ask the following questions to streamline options:

Location: Where Do You Plan to Keep Your Rug?

Look at the surroundings, whether you’re shopping for modern living room rugs or something for the bedroom. Dark tones and heavily detailed pieces can make rooms without natural lighting and shaded corners smaller.

These palettes work better in airy, sunlit spaces.

Neutral vs. Bold Colors: Which Ones Should You Choose?  

If you are decorating a new house or refurbishing your living space, you have a blank canvas available to play with patterns. You can use rugs as the focal point for your interior design layout and find matching furniture.  

On the other hand, rooms with furnishings need an area rug that complements them. We suggest using neutral colors (like beige, grays, and blacks) in two cases.

Firstly, muted shades suit rooms with patterned wallpaper, furniture, or upholstery. Selecting a single color makes the room look less busy. Secondly, when you’re opting for a timeless look.

Alternatively, bold colors with abstract designs work best when you want the rugs to stand out. Use them to add a pop of color to your minimalist furniture.

Lifestyle: Do Your Area Rugs Need Regular Cleaning?

Busy households with pets and kids mean white rugs and lighter shades are out of the equation. These colors are prone to soil quicker than multicolored rugs. Darker palettes have a similar effect when covered in dust, lint, or pet hair.  

In such cases, choose moderate shades that reflect personal style while masking most spills and stains.

Parting Advice

Rug color can change the way your living spaces feel and look. It’s why it's as important as the design and quality of your area rug. You must decide whether you want something on trend or a timeless fixture that looks appealing years later.  

When in doubt, ask an expert on how to choose the right rug color for your room. Discuss lifestyle and furnishing to help them visualize the space. These factors will ensure that you bring the right rug home.  

Still confused? Look at our rug collection for ideas.