Best Rug Store in Tustin

Best Rug Store in Tustin


  •  A contemporary rug

    November 12 2021

    4 Tips for Choosing the Best Rug for Your Living Room

    A rug can make or break your living room’s aesthetic. Whether you choose to use a traditional Oriental rug or a shag one, your choice should bring the décor and furniture together. A good rug can help define this area and bring warmth to it at the same time. The wrong traditional rug can prove to be an expensive mistake....

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  • A cat on its back

    November 10 2021

    The Pet Owner’s Guide to Rug Care

    Our pets are like our babies, but they also leave tokens of “affection” behind that can do a number on your contemporary modern rugs and traditional rugs such as Persian rugs. Rather than getting rid of your fur babies, invest some time in rug maintenance. Here is a simple guide that can ensure your rugs remain pristine even with pets...

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  • Colorful rug fringes

    November 09 2021

    Choosing a Colorful Rug – What You Should Look For

    If you are having trouble choosing color for your future Persian rug, you aren’t alone. The right shade can bring your décor together, but the wrong one can have the opposite effect. Since modern rugs are an expensive investment that will remain in your home for years, choosing the right hue should be a priority. Some colors may work for...

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